Lock n Load

Don’t trust your bike in anything else

The “Lock-N-Load” Moto Transport System securely holds your motocross bike in your trailer without the use of tie-down straps, floor anchors or wheel chocks. It takes an enormous amount of pressure off of the fork seals during transit, and it frees up valuable space allowing the transport of more motorcycles or gear. Additionally, the Lock-N-Load can quickly be removed from the trailer floor by unscrewing the 4 thumb screws leaving only the low profile mounting plates. Each plate has a “D” ring for additional anchor points on your trailer floor.


To operate the Lock-N-Load, rotate the knobs into the lock position and simply roll or ride your bike into the trailer until your foot pegs hit the open jaws of the Lock-N-Load. Then step on the upper jaws and they will automatically lock into place. To release your bike, simply rotate the knobs into the release position and step on the top jaws. This will automatically release the jaws and free your motorcycle. For additional safety, insert the attached locking pins prior to transport. You can replace the locking pins with pad locks for added security and a theft deterrent

  • Save you fork seals
  • No more straps or wheel chocks
  • Load more bikes and gear than before
  • Quick release from the trailer floor
  • Extra trailer plates are available
  • TRUCK PLATES available
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Risk Racing Europe lock-n-load_use_sequence


We have two sizes of Lock-N-Loads available. Our standard size will fit full size MX specific bikes, or bikes with similar size and weight characteristics. The Lock-N-Load JUNIOR is designed to fit 85cc MX specific bikes, or bikes with similar size and weight characteristics. 2-stroke 250cc bikes or larger with large exhaust can often be loaded backwards. Click the “Frequently Asked Questions” button below for more information.

Risk Racing Europe lock-n-load
Racing Racing Europe Lock and Load -sizes
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Risk Racing Europe 2_bikes_tightly_packed lock and load
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To Properly measure

To properly measure your bike, ask for assistance to hold your bike perfectly vertical and use two tape measures at the same time to measure footpeg height. Make sure both measurements are the same. Feel free to cal if you have any bike specific questions. Select your desired size in the online store when ordering.

The jaws are fairly large and we have found that they will fit most oversized or rotating aftermarket foot pegs on the market.