The Risk Racing Ventilate series is as stylish, durable, and comfortable as any on the market, and it takes rider body temperature to the next level by offering a unique ventilation system. The pants feature large, zippered intake vents on the front, and opposing zippered exhaust vents in the back. This system creates maximum airflow while also preventing any “ballooning” of the pants. When the vents are open, the rider can expect a wind tunnel of cooling. If the rider gets cold, they can simply close a vent or two and keep their body at its best performing temperature. The difference between the vents in the opened positions and the closed positions is remarkable. Riders will appreciate the option.

Pro level gear with zipped intake and exhaust venting

Our motocross gear is constructed using only the best materials available for comfort and durability on the track. Additionally, we set our manufacturing standards to the highest levels of quality possible. This ensures that our MX gear is among the best on the market.


The pants are designed with a 3-point adjustable waist, which ensures a comfortable and secure fit. The pant legs are fully lined from waste to ankle, giving the rider a premium feel. The pant legs also offer plenty of room for knee braces, and real leather inner knee reinforcement preventing material blowouts. The Digital and Machine collection pants feature a more technical, multi-panel design with perforated crotch and upper thigh panels. A “zipper garage” houses the zipper in the closed position, and provides more structural integrity to the intake vents.

The Risk Ventilate jersey features micro-perforated, breathable, and moisture-wicking materials which are lightweight and unrestrictive. This silky-smooth jersey allows riders to freely maneuver through track and trail. Large vented panels span the side of the riders’ torso, armpit and inner arm, effectively cooling the body.

Finally, the new Salute gloves are the icing on this moto cake. Risk continues to collaborate with NOVIK gloves to produce what are arguably the best gloves on the market. These gloves are sewn with the fingers in a pre-curved position, and feature knuckle reliefs which prevent the finger material from tightening up when the rider grips the bars. The fit and finish of these gloves are second to none. The Salute gloves also feature a unique graphic design that accentuates the brand when you give your riding competition the friendly ol’ “One Fingered Salute”.