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Arguably the best glove on the market

The VENTilate gloves are the icing on this moto cake. Risk continues to collaborate with NOVIK gloves to produce what is arguably the best gloves on the market. These gloves are sewn with the fingers in a pre-curved position, and feature knuckle reliefs which prevent the finger material from tightening up when the rider grips the bars. The fit and finish of these gloves are second to none.

The single layer palm offers maximum grip feel. It also eliminates any seams or stitching in the palm, which can cause hot spots or irritation points. The flexibility and breathability of the 3D Stretch I-Span material is so comfortable that the rider may feel as though they just slipped their hands into heaven, yet they are durable enough to take on tracks that beat the hell out of ya. If a rider needs more protection, the Risk Racing Palm Protectors slide right into the Risk Racing Carbide Glove offering superior protection from blisters and vibration.

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