Risk Racing tasklight

Lighting with greater flexibility

Researched, designed and tested by professionals, Risk Racing® products provide users with functional, innovative solutions. They are engineered for reliability and performance in demanding work environments.
All Risk Racing® products are designed and engineered in the USA and are protected with design and utility patents.

Risk Racing Europe tasklight_flexit

FLEXiT is a light you can bend like a sheet of paper to focus or spread light all around. It is able to wrap around tubes, bend into tight corners, and magnetically fasten securely to metal objects. Hold it in your hand to illuminate a dark path or set on a coffee table to light up an entire room during a power outage. It’s a slim work light that can easily slip into a tight engine compartment or behind a cramped stereo cabinet. You can also use FLEXiT as a gooseneck task light that can easily be positioned to pin point a bright spot for small detailed repairs or as a directional light that can flood light across a room. 

Risk Racing Europe tasklight_light_mine_pro

Based of the hugely successful original, the Magnetic Light Mine, Striker has created a bigger, brighter, and more powerful version called the Light Mine Professional. About the size of a baseball the new Light Mine Professional is 8 times brighter, lasts 4 times longer, includes a signal beacon, and a red night vision light. Eleven powerful neodymium (rare earth) magnets are located at the end of each post allowing the user to attach and aim the light accurately and securely in any direction. The posts also act as tripods and quad-pods to position the light accurately on non-magnetic surfaces.


The Magnetic Light Mine is a small powerful LED light that packs a big punch. With an underwater naval mine appearance twelve neodymium (rare earth) magnetic posts surround a central LED. The golf ball sized sphere is small enough to fit into tight areas and aim a powerful beam of light where it is needed most. Do-it-yourselfers and homeowners will find hundreds of uses for the Magnetic Light Mine. Stick one or two to the fridge, making them the ‘go-to’ flashlights for the whole family. The potential uses are endless.